JeongWoo & Crystal(Korea) - 10/11(SAT) Workshop@日本綿業会館7F

韓国外の活躍のほか、地元でもクラスをもち、2009年からはKorea Balboa Festivalを主催しています。(KBFは2015年よりKorea Balboa Classicに名称変更します)

Fabulous LindyHop and Balboa instructors from Korea!
They have attended various events and have won many competitions. They are traveling a lot and teaching, judging, competing to sharing their dancing energy and passion.
Besides their achievement outside of Korea, they teach in Korea regularly and they run Korea Balboa Festival since 2009. (They will change the event name to Asia Balboa Classic from 2015)

Asia Balboa Classic (Ex. Korea Balboa Festival)
Suda Swing

■ コンペティション実績 / Awards
JeongWoo ,  Crystal

■Video Clips
Balboa / The Jump Session Show 2014 (Seattle)



MARIKO(Osaka) - 10/10(FRI) Free Lesson@VOXX



At the end of 2001, it changed her life. Mariko’s music lovers introduced her swing dance, and immediately she threw herself into the world.
She loves the authentic style of swing in 1930s-50s. She has the motto that she follows not only the dance style of the era but music and even the way of her dressing.
Mariko dedicates herself that people enjoy swing in Japan. She has been performing vigorously at a number of events to introduce it. She loves social dancing and you see her at competitions and events even in Asia and cities in the US, too. Her friendship network is growing and soon is going to reach the every corner of the earth.
Nowadays, She has been connected with musicians who love the music same era as lindyhop and runs swing event together.

■ コンペティション実績 / Awards

Hong Kong Swing Festial 2014, Jack & Jill / 1st Place
National Jitterbug Championship(US) 2013, Jack & Jill / Finalist
National Jitterbug Championship(US) 2009, Jack & Jill / 5th Place
National Jitterbug Championship(US) 2008, Jack & Jill / Finalist
National Jitterbug Championship(US) 2007, Jack & Jill / Finalist



ETSUKO(Osaka) - 10/10(FRI) Free Lesson@VOXX



Etsuko profile Etsuko studied dancing for four years under the former-principle dancer of Martha Graham Dance Company. She has danced on stage for several kinds of stage performances. She had also learned Jazz, HipHop, Salsa and Swing Dance and has lots of experiences in teaching workshops and playing performances. Without mentioning, titles at a number of competitions are awarded to her home and abroad. Today, Etsuko instructs swing dance and yoga and teaches PE in high school. By doing these and others, she finds it so much fun spreading happiness and joy over people and she is the one who is the happiest person and enjoys the most what she is doing.
What she wants to express through her swing is enjoyment and excitement to make the audience filled with happiness by enjoying herself dancing.

■ コンペティション実績 / Award

National Jitterbug Championship 2005, Intergenerational Jitterbug Contest / 1st Place (US Los Angels)