長年リンディホップ界の第一線で活躍している イザベラ&ポンタスを招いてのワークショップを行います
This year, we have Isabella Gregorio and Pontus Persson who are world-wide top dancers!!
You can learn from them even you are in Japan, do not miss this opportunity!!

Isabella Gregorio is a well-known international dancer. She teaches and performs around the globe, exhilarating students and audiences of all ages. She is well known for her crazy style and her great expression. Her professional career started in Italy 2002 claiming several titles in numerous international competitions as well as teaching across the world with Vincenzo Fesi. Isabella has been dancing many different kinds of dance since she was a child.

Pontus Persson started dancing when he was 5 years old. By the age of 6 he was actively competing, and he started teaching professionally at 16 years of age. After graduating, he moved to Stockholm in 2008 to develop his dancing even further with the renown show company the Harlem Hot Shot. Since then he has been spreading the joy of dance through shows, competitions and teaching.

Isabella and Pontus started dancing together in January 2011. With a light attitude, their classes are known for being highly pedagogical, technical, and with a focus on individual improvement. Together they have won the hearts of audiences around the world and have collected many titles together including; 5 years consecutive Swedish Champions in both Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie, 5 years consecutive Vice World Champions in Boogie Woogie, 4 years consecutive award winners at ILHC (Various divisions) and more besides…

Moe Sakanhas had professional training in many types of dance. In 1999 Moe fell in love with the Lindy Hop, since then this has been her dance of choice. A pearl of the Orient, Moe moved to London in 2000, bringing a sparkle to the local swing dancing scene, and soon became the UK’s top female swing dancer. An active social and competition dancer, she is proud to have won several UK and US competition titles. Moe travels the world extensively for social dancing, performing and teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag and Boogie Woogie. She has also enjoyed dancing for several productions, including theatre, television and film.
ADAMAS(KOREA) / Taster Class on Friday
韓国最大のイベント、Camp Swing ItやThe Battle Koreaのオーガナイザー、楽しくわかりやすいワークショップには定評がある。
Adamas is the organizer of the biggest event in Korea, such as Camap Swing it, The Battle Korea.
His class is always fun and easy to understand.